Hawaiian Islands Overview

E Komo Mai. Welcome to our Aloha…

Magical Maui Weddings offers professional, caring assistance in planning your special day in Hawaii. We are here for you from beginning to end to save you time, save you STRESS, and take care of all the details. Here is a little bit about each of our beautiful islands, and why you might choose them.

The Hawaiian Islands

O’ahu – Home to Waikiki Beach, spectacular hotels, a myriad of night spots and a wealth of shopping, Oahu is also home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Hawai’i.  This island is a tropical paradise offering dramatic seascapes, white sand beaches and lush never ending valleys.  Although the most urbanized of the Hawaiian Islands, O’ahu has remained true to its heritage as the cultural and economic center of the islands.

Maui – Once home to a thriving commercial whaling port, Maui has gracefully blended its past and present to create a destination rich in culture and varied in possibilities.  From the Iao Valley State Park and the serene beauty of the Hana Coast to the excitement of Kaanapali Beach, the upscale Wailea Resort and the strip in Lahaina Town, Maui has become a popular resort destination.

Kaua’i – Westernmost and oldest of the eight major Hawaiian Islands, Kaua’i is by far the most tropical.  Famous for its movie set landscapes, the island abounds with lush foliage and magnificent seaside cliffs.  On the island’s northern side, Mt. Waialeale, with almost 500 inches of rain annually, is the wettest spot on earth.  Whether it’s sunny Poipu Beach, the verdant hills of Princeville or the lovely eastern coast, Kaua’i is alive with the spirit of the islands.

Hawai’i – It is on the island of Hawai’i that the first Polynesians settled some 2,000 years ago.  At more that twice the size of all the other islands combined, the “Big Island” contains 11 of the 13 known climatic zones of the world.  Here you will find world class golf courses, active lava flows, incredible waterfalls and magnificent resorts.

Lana’i – Once the largest pineapple plantation in the world, Lana’i is the perfect island for those who wish to experience a remote, virtually undisturbed Hawai’i.  Although the pace is relaxed, the activities are varied including championship golf, excellent swimming and diving beaches and four-wheel adventures.  Graced with two world class resorts, Lana’i is as spectacular as it is unique.

Moloka’i – Quiet and rural, Moloka’i is home to laid back friendly people and few tourists.  Here you will experience untouched natural beauty and a unique cultural heritage.  View the tallest sea cliffs in the world.  Explore rainforests and ancient royal fishponds or simply relax on Hawai’i’s largest white sand beach. Enjoy some of the most unique vacation options in Hawaii. Tentalow “luxury camping” and the delightful new Lodge at Molokai Ranch. The Lodge gives you a taste of Old Hawaii. Gracious and comfortable.

Asuka Nabe

A cozy little hot pot restaurant in Kaimuki keeps me coming back for more. I’ve driven the 36.4 mile round trip from my home to Asuka Nabe + Shabu Shabu at least a dozen times and shared this hidden gem with my closest friends. The cozy booths, friendly service and satisfying food makes this one of my current favorite restaurants.

Asuka is a real treat for the senses. There’s something remarkably soothing about steaming, flavorful broth brimming with fresh veggies and tender meats. The subtle aroma always brings me back to sitting in the living room with mom’s cooking wafting in from the kitchen.
I love the way a good hot pot connects friends and family. The sharing of the meal is fun and interactive, allowing everyone to choose different combinations of broth, meat and vegetables. Having a communal dish is reminiscent of the days of Little League baseball potlucks with chili and Portuguese bean soup. Families would all eat from the same pot and talk story for hours as the sun set.

Sesame, ginger and ponzu sauces along with Sriracha and shoyu are provided at each table to create your own dipping sauce. Jars of grated daikon, green onions and sesame seeds sit beside the sauces for added texture and flavor. My favorite combination is equal parts sesame sauce and Sriracha mixed with green onions and ground sesame seeds.

Earlier this week I shared Asuka with Mari, Diane and her daughter. We enjoyed a great meal, shared stories and left satisfied.